Hey, Kirk!

I never said the team's existence was threatened. What I meant was the fact that when I mention the Design Team to outsiders, the wallpaper is what comes to their mind. For the outside world, that's largely what we do. Losing this, if only temporarily, risks marginalising the Design Team. My fear for the future stemmed from the fact that some people were saying using upstream art would generally make sense for Fedora. At that point, we hardly need a Design Team (at least not to work on the distro itself).

I don't know about others, but I joined the team because I wanted to contribute to Fedora (as in, mainly the distro). I didn't join to do random design tickets for other projects or spend all of my time designing marketing collateral. Not that I wouldn't do these other things as well, they just aren't my main reason to be on the team. I want Fedora to be the best distro out there UI/UX-wise. I personally think that is not unreasonable.


On Thu, Dec 23, 2010 at 5:32 AM, Kirk Bridger <kbridger@shaw.ca> wrote:
Hi all,

Fab's comment below seems to be a recurring feeling in this thread that
I want to better understand.

How does using a wallpaper that was not a product of solely this team
[1] result in fear for the future of this team?

I understand that the wallpaper is a large part of the visual identity
of a Fedora release.  I don't understand the idea that the team's very
existence is somehow threatened if each and every release's wallpaper
isn't custom made. Perhaps it is a part of the team history that I'm
unaware of?

It sounds like if the team doesn't create a wallpaper then it ceases to
provide value to Fedora?


[1] I thought I read that part of the Fedora Design Team helped create
the wallpaper, didn't they?

On 12/22/2010 03:01 AM, Fabian A. Scherschel wrote:
> .... I don't want the team to suffer because of this and I really like
> the wallpaper in question, but I really fear for the future of the
> team and about Fedora design in general if we don't make a stand at
> this point.
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