Why don't you make something abstract (light, time and space, and eventually something digital).
My current background looks like this (see the Attachment, pls.).

Well, it may not be Everest, but stays pretty well with the icons and the control panels and the frame of the monitor (the 'whole picture').


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We could do something lunar based to complement the them that was used in fedora 10.

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Subject: [Design-team] Default Wallpaper for Goddard F13
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I've been following the posts on this subject and here is what I am

What if its an outer space scene with stars (having animated twinkles
... for the boot-up background image)?  There would be asteriods and,
may be, one or two planets with 'our' rocket somewhere in the picture.
The scene would have a blueish hue to it.  Its the kind of thing that is
best done with a 3D application like 'Blender' and rendered with V-Ray
or Yafray (and retouched in GIMP).  I cannot help thinking about a
wallpaper I downloaded from CG-Arena ... just to help our imaginations
as I can't think of anything closer at the moment.  My reference is a
bit busy but I hope it paints the right mental pictures.

See: http://fedoradesigns.twohotis.fastmail.fm/OuterSpace_Sample.jpg

I also see that we have limited time to agree on this based on
design-team Digest, Vol 9, Issue 32

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Oku, Onyeibo

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