- A few project-based deep dives into specific tools:
 - Creating charts & diagrams with Inkscape
 - Creating comic books with Inkscape
 - Correcting red eye in photos with the Gimp
 - Creating a celebrity portraits in Gimp
 - Creating a flyer in Scribus
 - Your idea here
- Create blender shapes 
- Photo-retouch with Gimp
- Standar info about banners, flyers, wallpapers and other design items (basic so anyone can know the sizes, DPI, prints, etc)
- Creating text animations in Blender

- A project-based workshop that crosses tools, e.g.:
 - Creating a newsletter using Gimp for photo manip, Inkscape for the
logo, and Scribus for the layout
 - Creating a 3D character using Blender for modeling and bringing it
into Gimp or Inkscape for painting
 - Your idea here
- Create a website template in blender and construct an html/css based template

Maria Gracia Leandro
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