On Fri, 2010-07-30 at 13:15 +0200, wonderer wrote:
hello there,

I am thinking for quite some time about a "combined" Design-Team and
Marketing-Team FAD of some kind.
If I look around on the ML and also on IRC there are much overlapping
ideas, Talking points, goals, etc. so I think it would be a good time
after we grow good Teams to meet all together to discuss some main
points which concerns both Teams.

* Main Points (so far I can think of)
-- Design Templates: Design Presentation and other Templates to have
some base also for Marketing (e.g. Design Template for the Talking
Points, Press Kit, Presentation Template, poster, etc. -> same Theme)
-- User Research: how do the users "feel" with the Presentations, CD/DVD
Covers, posters, Banners, Marketing Material, etc. and also how good can
Ambassadors and others work with those materials? Do we need more / others?
-- Other Design Base Templates which should be adapted (e.g. a new event
or spin leads to a new bannerdesign leads to a new posterdesign leads to
changes if the Release is changing ...)
-- What does Marketing and PR need from Design - what does Design need
from Marketing
-- didn't we have the idea of a photobook some time ago...

* other thoughts
-- produce some base Templates and maybe workflow (e.g. if $event is
happening then $trigger > do Texta, Textb, Bannera, poster > timeline >
workflow > end) in ageneric way to addapt on a wide range of new
projects that can came up (new release, new spin, new SIG, new event,
etc.) ... because the work that have to be done is almost the same...
-- maybe work on longtime or pending tasks (e.g. Design Guide, etc.)

That also leads maybe to other Combined FADS .... but maybe more later
or not :-)

mit freundlichen grüßen / best regards
H. Heigl - wonderer@fedoraproject.org
We could even add Insight to the list and probably get that one done as well.