So I would have time now for the uploads, but now I have a little bit of an orientation problem in which mail is which one.

If I count right, I have two mails with 8 pictures each so 16 submissions. Well its fine with me to upload them all, but in generally I would prefer we pick some of them, and the rest goes next time.

We have already 150 submissions and only 16 go into the package, so give others a chance to. We really like to spread the chances evenly, to encourage the people also for the future.
If there are to much submissions, the voting makes also no fun for our contributors.

For Fedora 24 I will limit the uploads anyway, a thing i wanted to avoid. So can we choose lets say 5 and use the left ones next time?

br gnokii

2015-08-21 2:17 GMT+02:00 Andrew Walton <andrewfixcomputer@gmail.com>:
On 20/08/15 18:27, S.Kemter wrote:

Sorry that I answer so late but I was travelling back from Flock what me took 3 days.

I'm sorry that I caught you during a busy time, I really didn't want to be any trouble.

As Matt said, the normal process is done via Nuancier. For getting a FAS account and sign the cla/fpca a phone number is not mandatory.

Unfortunately someone forgot to tell your web designer this, no phone number means no agreement. It will only accept digits, not "none available". I could put any old number in there but I don't like to make a habit of falsifying legal documents.

In generally we prefer PNG over JPG as it is a free format.

I tried it again after all these years, sorry, it might be free but it's also still rubbish. Poor pixel shading and it actually bloats file sizes instead of compressing them.

But JPG is fine also. If you still have problems with the upload, I can upload them for you but I have to quote your name with CC-BY-SA, only CC-0 would allow the use without quote and you should be quoted for your master pieces.

Thank you Sirko,  it's a strange world where it's so easy to copy work illegally and so difficult to give it away for free.

If I shall upload them, tell me. It will take same time as I still travel, I can try to do it over weekend from the conference booth in Cologne, otherwise it has to wait until I arrive next week in Phnom Penh

Yes please, I'll send them in another email with my statement about the license. That way you've got one simple package without bits of conversation in it.

They're cropped and resized to 2400 X 1600 in Exif Jpeg, I love the Gimp. I won't bother renaming the files, instead I'll write in the Comments section of the exif information for the birds common names and latin names. And as I said previously, I'll also go through my main collection and see if there's anything else that might be suitable.



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