Maybe you could make the full build and a netinstall? I'm fine with a file that big, but I know many people don't have DVD-ROM's, so that could help as well.

On Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 6:39 PM, Sebastian Dziallas <> wrote:
Nicu Buculei wrote:
> On 12/22/2009 01:01 AM, Sebastian Dziallas wrote:

Sorry for being so calm over the holidays - I was planning to get all of
this done much earlier but got somehow stuck in the middle.

>> as I said some time ago on list I'll be doing the Design Suite for
>> Fedora 13. Having had some pretty cool discussion with Diana, Mel and Mo
>> in the hackroo... hospitality suite at FUDCon, I've created and uploaded
>> a first build.
> Nice... are available anywhere some notes about the design concepts
> agreed there? (like select 'best of breed' apps or include as much as
> possible, restrict to graphics or also go for audio/video, include or
> not data...)

I think (if I recall correctly) we were taking the "what would help
designers - so also people on the design team or those who want to get
involved" approach. Admittedly, that's a pretty broad one and I think we
mentioned that having sample content and introductions either somewhere
on the spin or on a bookmarked page would be good.

>> It's already based on yesterday's Rawhide, even though it still calls
>> itself Generic 12 - which means it might very well break. It worked for
>> me in a VM, so you might just want to give it a try. It's currently
>> around 900 MB and already using Peter Robinson's modified base package
>> set, but we'll see if we can fit it into CD-size for the final release.
> I don't think CD size is a realistic target, my suggestion is to aim for
> 2GB USB sticks (maybe 1.5GB worth of application, leaving some space for
> live persistence)

Well, it depends on what we end up with. For example OpenOffice Impress
is a *major* space consumer. Basically, it means that we're using about
150 MB for a single application. Excluding that one would bring us down
to 750 MB, which isn't too far from CD-size. However, since we're just
starting to talk about it, I guess we'll just see what comes close.

In the end, it might well be a 2 GB target - I don't know, yet.

>> Actually, I was trying to upload it somewhere quickly and ended up using
>> Wuala. You might need to run a java applet to download it immediately,
>> depending on whether my upload has already propagated to all their
>> systems. Peter has already offered to help with hosting, so this is just
>> a very very temporary solution.
>> Anyway, enough talk, here you go:
>> If you've any suggestions concerning which apps to include, to remove or
>> what else to do, just shout! There's still a bit on my list and I'll
>> move ahead and document more things over winter vacation, too.
> I don't think I will get the time to play with it this year, can you
> provide the list of packages?

Finally, I've thrown something in the wiki - has all the
details. I didn't include a real rationale for now, so feel free to rant! ;)

Aside from that, the page looks really cool (thanks Mel!) - if anybody
has package suggestions or further ideas, just add them there.

Cheers & Happy New Year!
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