Hi Guys,
In my view GIMP is O.K. I am on a dual Intel processor PC under F11 and honestly speaking GIMP is one of the few applications operating reliably and flawlessly.

However I have problems with the Flash editor (f4l).
I know this is not in your project and you are working on GIMP to be included in F13, but from F7 to the present day there is no serious Flash editor. This f4l does not work under f11 and by the way it is intended to open only .swf files (what about .flv and .fla formats).
On the other hand I have installed flash codecs in 'all galaxies' (with the media player, with the movie player, online with the browser (Adobe Flash 10) and offline with the Gnash viewer) and the f4l is still 'silent' (does not open flash files).

I found some SSWF, which proved to be an absolute enigma to me. I did not succeed even to run the bin file.
Before SSWF I have installed Synfig and it has GUI looking pretty promising but works with some exotic file formats. Well, I like Indiana Jones, but to that extend !?
So both are gone.

The Flash Editor is also graphic design and it is an intra-space gap not only in Fedora but in most of the other Linux distros as well.

Before becoming a desktop, Fedora was intended primarily to be a server (and I hope it still is), hosting along with the other things web pages. Web pages suppose web design and what is the web design without a serious Flash editor.

Best regards,
Christo Petkov

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On Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 9:37 PM, Valent Turkovic
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>> Do you know when the 2.8 release is expected? How does it fit in our
>> release cycles?
> I posted bugzilla RFE for GIMP, no reply for now :(

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