John Poelstra schrieb:
John Poelstra said the following on 06/22/2009 06:13 PM Pacific Time:

I've volunteered to help kick off and facilitate the Fedora cross-team 
CMS (Zicula) planning and implementation meetings.  I think things will 
work best if each team puts forth a representative.  We will hold our 
meetings on IRC or over Fedora Talk and they will be open to anyone, but 
it will make it easier to schedule and coordinate the meetings if I know 
who the key people from each team are.
How about coordinating the meetings over and announce it once over the Mailinglists together with an agenda...?!

Once I know who the key people are I'll reach out to those people to 
find a meeting time and day that works best.  I'd like to get a response 
by Thursday, June 25, 2009, so we can kick things off.


Still waiting for a volunteer here :)

Aehm that came on Monday, June 29, 2009. Was there a kick-off or would it be sometimes later? I think some of the Design Team where at FUDCon Berlin, so maybe another meeting a bit later would help.

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