My name is Karoly, and I wiould like to join to the design team of Fedora Linux. I am using linux since
2005 and I am a design and visual addictive. I do a lot of photographic and design projects for flyers,
brochures etc, and I would like to use my time and effort to help developing this project.
I used Fedora earlier and even RHL 7.( My favorite version in terms of design was F10 with plymooth 
boot and solar theme). 
Anyways, now I am try to resolve a task from the design service queue to.
I would be happy to help anyone with any issues in the future.
if anyone interested can find some of my works at behance/karolybakos 
you kind find stuff on facebook/927studio or www.927studio.hu

My main interest is to create marketing and PR materials, define and deploy coherent user interface
designs and contibute with illustrations and graphical assets.

Plesas do not hesitate to contact me with any issues!

With best regards,