El 02/12/09 19:08, Michael Beckwith escribió:
To be fair, Nicu, and me going back to the version I know best....XP, 
Windows doesn't really offer a mail/calendar/etc client, voIP/video, 
word processor, or much of a photo viewer with simple editing, out of 
the box. Not sure where exactly to get Outlook, but it's not there by 
default. MS Word and Office in general is one of their real cash cows 
and they keep that seperate, video/VoIP you have to go download MSN 
Messenger. Regarding a browser, yeah they include IE but really the best 
use for that is downloading Firefox, which we offer by default.

I beg to disagree... I'm no M$ apologist, but XP is a longshot of their *current* offerings. Besides, XP (for those netbooks that are still sold with it) DOES offer media capabilities, browser and e-mail client, Outlook Express is installed by default with XP.

Nowadays, though, and for the last two versions of Windows, Microsoft has included more "functionality" into their software offerings:

>From XP to 7:

All of the above can be found in a default Windows install from XP onward, and like I said, I'm no Windows apologist, but I'm not blind either to what they do offer and what we offer in Fedora either, and the exclusion of GIMP though a sensible loss for many, gives additional room for other packages, functionality NOT found in XP (I can't speak for Vista/7 in this regard, though), offered by default:

Of course there IS room for improvement, and the real comparison shouldn't be done against Windows IMHO, but against other Linux distributions like OpenSuSE Live, Ubuntu, Mint, etc, and choose accordingly (of course we'd never include proprietary drivers with the Live images!)