Hi All,

2010/12/18 Máirín Duffy <duffy@fedoraproject.org>
On Sun, 2010-12-19 at 02:16 +0100, Martin Sourada wrote:
> No, no, you misunderstood. I don't imply we should ship to gnome spins.
> We should either ship in F15 gnome as pristine as possible or just do it
> they way we do it usually. Neither of these should of course affect
> other spins and IMHO also not DVD install.

Why? Again, you are proposing this all or nothing thinking and I
completely do not understand it. Can you please explain?

> PS: I think we should slowly kill this thread, I'm running "out of
> ammo", your arguments also haven't been strong enough to make me change
> my mind and I wouldn't want to make this into a flame...

We have to make a decision.


I think that the Fedora Project is in a good spot here in that the default Gnome3 wallpaper is a shade of blue that coincides nicely with the colors that Fedora uses anyway.

The same cannot be said of OpenSUSE, though.  

Given the hubbub that is in Fedora where there isn't really a conflict of colors, but other distros would likely have a conflict with the colors, would upstream Gnome be willing to compromise on this?  Would upstream be willing to allow distros to create stripe-based wallpapers that include the same design pattern, same degree of saturation, same texture, etc., but use different distro-specific colors?  After all, could we really expect OpenSUSE to ship a blue theme?  So much of their artwork (website, icon set, metacity theme, etc.) is green.  And I have never seen a blue gecko.  : (

If we were able get a compromise like this, I think that there would be greater likelihood of buy-in from the various the distros. They would be representing and celebrating Gnome, but would retain key portions of their own distro "self." Perhaps even Ubuntu would be willing to ship an aubergine stripe-based theme as part of their wallpaper set (though, of course, not as their default, as they are using Unity).  

This could also potentially benefit Gnome, as they could do something like, "Different Colors, One Gnome," or something like that.  The Gnome brand identity could be visible in the stripes, while the distros get their identity in the colors.


P.S. Yes, I am new to this list. I contribute documentation to Xfce and Xubuntu, but subscribe here because the Fedora art team rocks.  : )