Hi, Iīm Jane, Iīve just joined this mailing list and would like to become a Fedora contributor. My skills: well I donīt have any technical or computer education but in my previous job, about four years ago, I started to work with graphic design programs, mostly vector graphics, and I became very enthusiastic about it - I like it :-). At present, I donīt do it professionally, just for friends and friendsī friends, but itīs not occasional, itīs like one or two artworks every week. So far Iīve been dealing mostly with things designed for print and not for web (like brochures, catalogs, cd covers, posters etc.) and Iīd be happy to have more occasions to do web design too. So what else is relevant to say ... Iīve been to some web developing courses but thatīs not what I could really do ... and Iīm a translator (English/Italian to Slovak) if that should be needed :-)
So if anyone could give me a clue of what contribution I could make, Iīm eager to hear it, thanks.