I like it a lot, however I understand Onyeibo comment; Probably the cat could remain as a marketing for banners or web stuff and not into the printed?

Sirko, I love it; however, I agree with the pictures at the back; What if you change the pictures and add them like in a film strip? 

ex: Probably less... much less intrincated than this one but with a cute perspective effect?

2013/6/7 Onyeibo Oku <twohotis@gmail.com>
On Fri, 2013-06-07 at 11:26 -0400, Ryan Lerch wrote:

> However i find the cat eyes stark and off-putting they drew my eye
> (excuse the pun) more than the fact that it is a fedora DVD or even the
> 19.


Lots of people here in Nigeria will reject a media with such imagery.
There is this belief that cats are agents of the underworld, or related
to evil spirits ... some people just hate them because of their
penetrating eyes.  I personally have cats as pets but I can tell you how
visitors react when they see them

So, please no concrete cat imagery.


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