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On 06/28/2009 03:20 PM, wonderer wrote:
Then I think nicu's mosaic idea sounds good and I suggest that we could
port this "old" mosaic style and "improve" it to a modern style. Maybe
some blue-metalic-rendering thingy (I just let this idea flow around
your heads ;-) ).

About the implementation, keep in mind that we decided to go with 
something vector and simple as a *default* (along with a few more, non 
release linked, additional options).

Also I had the the "Lion" we had in Fedora11 in my head and now maybe
another animal ... do we want the same theming or something new?

We can't go with another animal (no, not even a panda :D), that would be 
to close for the previous release.
Not even a hippo? :-D

Ok, so Constantine, sword, emperor...
The Lion has a bit of an aggressive meaning, Constantine is en emperor
(also a bit aggressive) do we want the same way or make something smoother?

The fact is Constantine was an emperor and for this link it was voted by 
Ok. I like the bit funny idea of this and the "f" under his right hand flowing around...
Maybe a bit more steampunk style or a sword out of mosaic peaces...
Questions over questions, but maybe some flowing ideas came out... just
brainstorming a bit...

Yeah, now is the time for it, let the ideas flow (as long as they are 
not related to the movie starring Keanu Reeves, but even that movie can 
have a positive use by setting a link: Constantine was a movie, so we 
can try to call Fedora 13 "friday", as in Friday  13" :p )
Thats exactly the point. Thanks for that. We had here many thoughts I think, i also thought of the movie ;-)

For example I expect Mo, after arriving home from a *long* plane trip to 
propose a steampunk approach:
Hmm, sounds good, but isn't it to far away from Constantine as name itself?

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