Hello and happy new year!

I'll be glad to help there, however, I will remain offline until 7-8 January aprox. Is that ok? maybe a workshop could help a bit too.

2012/1/3 Paul W. Frields <stickster@gmail.com>

I was wondering if there was anyone from the Design team attending the
upcoming FUDCon in Blacksburg, who might be interested in helping the
Insight team with some mockups.  We want to start handling some of
these functional use cases in Insight:


My opinion is that it makes more sense for us to have an idea of what
we want to achieve in terms of workflow/interface for the users first,
then use Drupal's features to achieve it -- rather than trying to
design through the technology by guessing what Drupal capabilities
might fit.

We are going to try to have actual end users (the people who asked for
specific functions) available on Sunday morning of FUDCon at the
Insight hackfest.  This might be a great time to gather specific
workflow/interface feedback.  Since I'm not be the best person for
gathering design-oriented data, :-) I thought this might be the best
suggestion for a time to meet!

Let me know if you will be there and are interested.

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