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Subject: Fedora 24 background is unsuitable
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 14:59:00 +0100
From: Richard Hughes <hughsient@gmail.com>
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To: Development discussions related to Fedora <devel@lists.fedoraproject.org>

For the upgrade feature the designers [sensibly] want me to use the
default background for the release we're upgrading to. When doing
F23->F24 this makes the upgrade UI look like a big boring black
square: http://imgur.com/dRY5iL6

Additionally, when upgraded, the darkness makes the GNOME Shell top
bar almost disappear visually which really doesn't work at all given
the special status it has. Is there any way we can either:

* Lighten up the background we have now so it's less black and soul-consuming
* Choose another background we can use for all spins
* Just use the existing awesome upstream GNOME artwork for the workstation

We already brand the workstation spin with the fedora background logo
on the wallpaper, in GDM, in the control center and in various other
places so I'm really confused why we've gone back to the days where we
needed to replace the background every cycle for all desktops when we
really only have one official workstation product.

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