the ideas of mosaic are good. but to get all the ideas out in the open we need to keep an open mind. try to come with more ideas about what we can use from the associations.

i think we now have:
- mosaic
- the line art from wonderer (,

SO: what can we do with the concept "east meets west"?

I think this is an interesting concept as this was one of the things from Constantine I. This can be seen as a connecting two worlds, building together.
some inspirational images:

yope out.

On Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 6:14 PM, Charlie Brej <> wrote:
On 28/06/09 16:56, nicu buculei wrote:
On 06/28/2009 03:20 PM, wonderer wrote:
Then I think nicu's mosaic idea sounds good and I suggest that we could
port this "old" mosaic style and "improve" it to a modern style. Maybe
some blue-metalic-rendering thingy (I just let this idea flow around
your heads ;-) ).

About the implementation, keep in mind that we decided to go with
something vector and simple as a *default* (along with a few more, non
release linked, additional options).

Also I had the the "Lion" we had in Fedora11 in my head and now maybe
another animal ... do we want the same theming or something new?

We can't go with another animal (no, not even a panda :D), that would be
to close for the previous release.

Had a bit of a go to see how easy it is to make mosaics and its not that hard. We could make a large mosaic of the many fedora values. I made a little freedom birdie (attached). Like most mosaics, it looks ok but only form a distance so it would have to be a part of a large design.

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