its not weird, its just send with an mail address not subscribed to the list and ends up in moderation queue and after a while I get a notification from mailman

2015-08-31 16:42 GMT+07:00 Andrew Walton <andrewfixcomputer@gmail.com>:
On 28/08/15 08:15, Sylvia Sánchez wrote:
I understand your sister. I'm also artist minded and I always
struggled with maths. What is weirder, I'm great in sciences like
physics and chemistry.
Why I can't solve a math problem but I have no problem solving physics stuff?
Who knows...
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Weird. This only just arrived but you sent it 3 days ago.

My sister liked painting and she was getting quite good, then she had children. That was the end of it. These days she's a Real Estate Agent in the Barossa Valley.

You mentioned that you like working with pictures, this one might make you smile.

Louise wrote to me and asked how to make pictures smaller for emails because all her friends were complaining. She attached a 5 megapixel picture of her husband sitting up in a hospital bed after having a brain tumour removed.

I wrote a full tutorial for her and used the picture of the husband as an example, but just for a joke I flipped a section of the picture so that his ear was upside down and after I'd finished it looked more realistic than the original.

I didn't hear from them for weeks and was worried that I'd offended them, I rang them up. David answered the phone and straight away I asked if I had offended him and he was confused. I asked him if he saw the last email I sent and he called out to my sister to bring it up on the screen. As soon as it appeared on the screen he burst out laughing but I could hear my sister in the background "What? Why are you laughing? What's so funny?" This made David laugh even more.

And because it was already a smaller picture suitable for email that was the picture that she sent to all his relatives in England to let them know that he was all right. None of them said anything about his ear either.



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