Welcome! I'm Ryan, also a young blogger and graphics designer. I do a little bit of web design, so we have something in common! I'm actually 15 years old! :)

Once again, WELCOME!!!

Until the whole world hears,
Ryan Gauger
Nashville Notes Homeschool Band Public Relations

Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 16:26:12 +0530
From: igregrocks23@gmail.com
To: design-team@lists.fedoraproject.org
Subject: [Design-team] Introduction

Hello there! I'm Avi, a new subscriber to the mailing list. I'm a young and aspiring web designer, blogger, graphics designer Linux and Apple enthusiast, guitarist and artist. I own and run a network of websites although due to being occupied I haven't been able to fully set it up or post regularly. I really enjoy designing and sketching. I would really like to be on the Fedora Design Team one day!

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