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2012/8/17 twohot <twohot@fedoraproject.org>
Hi designers

So i found time yesterday to explore the Nebula/Osmo concept from our
hackfest after addressing some backlogs of paperwork.  Its interesting
what can emerge from 12hours of experimentation.

First off, I decided to base my variation on a subtle joke.  After all
its 'Spherical Cow'.  Ever seen one of those?  So what if all that
represents the cow is the udders (hehehehe)???.  I know, some weird
imaginations and iterating on that could get messy depending on your
state of mind.  Just take it like you see it ... I borrowed from the
common cartoon idea of cows being cowbows and the udders being the
machine guns.  These cows (udders) are floating in space shooting at
each other ... the vacuum is populated by sprays of bullets (you know
what now :-) ).

The sketch of this concept, here:

The results:

So you're all welcome to blast this work with critiques.  I've got the
blend file here for anyone who cares to play around.  I'm not quite
satisfied with the background yet.  I'll be nice to get a vignette
effect or a variation of blue tones ...  something with more depth.  I
hope to figure that out soon.

Onyeibo (twohot)
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