Thanks Remy!

Will get that going then :)

On 04/18/2016 06:45 PM, Remy DeCausemaker wrote:

On Sun, Apr 17, 2016 at 3:34 PM, Elio Qoshi <> wrote:

Hey guys

I was noticing that the Wiki page of Fedora Design [1] is pretty much outdated (5th November 2015 was the last edit).
Could we put in some efforts to update it? I'm also trying to update some of its content.

There are also some inaccuracies also, like the meeting being weekly (not biweekly).

What do you think?



Thank you for your interest in helping to update the design team wiki entry. I have 2 suggestions:

1) add this item to the commops meeting agenda for this week in the "WikiGardening" section.

2) just go ahead and edit the wiki.

I would recommend both, but particularly #2. Here in Fedora (and in many FOSS projects) wiki's are used because they make it easy to not only edit, but track and revert changes. No permission is needed to edit most parts of the wiki, both in practice, and in theory, so feel free to make changes and post here on the list after with specific questions or requests for feedback.

Looking Forward,

Remy DeCausemaker
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