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On 12/03/2009 08:52 PM, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> E.g., to analogize (which you know I love to do :) ) - imagine I'm
> setting out to open up a cute little neighborhood bakery that sells
> pies, cakes, and cookies. I told my friends I am opening up a shop that
> deals with food, but I wasn't specific in telling them my vision for it
> was to be a cute little bakery. So they give me feedback, but they are
> telling me things like I need to open up a bar with mixed drinks, and I
> need to serve pizza and Indian curries as well, and I need to have cloth
> napkins and a belly dancer and play country music. It doesn't make sense
> for me to then open up a cute little bake shop with a bar and a belly
> dancer - but if it turns out a bar with a belly dancer is a good idea
> and there's a market demand for it, maybe I could open up a different
> shop to attract those customers.

Playing with analogies seems fun (as long as they are not car analogies
:D), let me try to play  along: your little food shop is the main income
source for your family and people in your family come to you saying: we
live in a health conscious neighborhood, if you continue selling
hamburgers nobody will buy it and you will go bankrupt, go for salads
instead. Of course you can hold on your idea, hoping the cheap, greasy
food will find enough customers (I don't know, maybe truckers passing
by, but no loyal, returning customers) but your decision will have
effects over your entire family (remember, it was their main income
source), so probably having an agreement may be wise.

Or we can talk about your cute little neighborhood bakery selling pies,
cakes, and cookies. Supposedly a big chain opened a fast-food across the
street and is selling in droves. Jealous of their profitability  and
wanting more money and customers, your decide to change your business
and go also fast-food. Your existing, loyal, returning customers, who
became your friends, tell you they don't like fast-food, they come to
your shop for the quality and the atmosphere and also point there is no
much sense in having two fast-food shops so close to each other. Sure,
you can try and go for profit alone, you can stay only with your friends
or you can try to find a middle ground.

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As far as I'm concerned I think that The GIMP should be included on the install DVD. I am not a big guru of digital art, but the GIMP is the first place I turn to when I have to edit an image.

Also, I thought the Fedora Project was geared toward power users. This is half of the reason that I use Fedora over Ubuntu. If I wanted my hand held, I would use Ubuntu or Windows. Furthermore, I don't think you can really expect a near bleeding edge operating system to cater to the same audience as Ubuntu. These are, of course, my humble opinions, respectfully submitted.


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