I think we should consider a use case approach. A few use cases off the top of my head:
- sharing common resources like inkscape templates
- collaborating on the wallpaper or another project
- collecting safe-to-use photos/illustrations for the magazine
- archiving old artwork for inspiration or potential reuse (but without a specific need)
- distributing fedora logos to team members

I'm sure there are others I'm not considering right now.

It might help to list out the kind of things we want to include, but then think about _why_ we want to include them when figuring out how to organize it all into specific repos. That way, for our most common use cases, we can set up repos where you can clone a repo and get everything you need, while minimizing what you don't need.

As far as the banner ad you mentioned, IMO it should go in the repo, but I think the use case would be archival more than anything else.

- em

On Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 3:43 PM, Ryan Lerch <rlerch@redhat.com> wrote:
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas / thoughts on how we should organize the repos for all our assets in github.

It might be worth trying to create a list of the assets / tasks that might be stored in there, so we can come up with some guidelines on when and how to create new repos.

Some things to consider are small one-off tasks like this one i just completed:

This is a kind of one-off task, but do we want to store this in git as well, just to keep everything in the same place?

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