Hi Máirín!

Thanks for the clarification, looking forward to contributing!

The band has been going for about 3 years now. We have played loads of gigs including for Sheiks at Newbury Racecourse's "Dubai race day" and even at the famous Ray's Jazz Café in London.. working on our second album at the moment which is going to be less Jazz (or any other genre) and more about music that sets a mood.

We are actually trying to avoid the boilerplate responses and stereotyping that comes with Jazz by not mentioning it at all. Same as people like Madeline Payroux, Adele, and Melody Gardot. We just let people make up their own mind about our music and hopefully forget about genre!

Will send some links over when the new album is done if you like! :)

2011/1/20 Máirín Duffy <duffy@fedoraproject.org>
Hi Tom!

On Thu, 2011-01-20 at 13:30 +0000, Tom medhurst wrote:

> Anyways, that's me!

Very happy to have you aboard! :) Welcome!

What kind of band are you starting?

> Lastly, I created my Fedora account (on admin.fedoraproject.org) about
> 4 hours ago and have uploaded an SSH certificate. But I don't have
> access to fedorapeople.org via ssh yet. Does that come after joining a
> group or should it happen in a few hours after some CRON jobs have
> been run? Would be nice to have a place to store resource files for
> this project!

I think you need membership in a group to get fedorapeople.org access.
Our process for membership involves completing a single task before we
approve an account being added to the group.

It seems like ticket #114 would be a great task for you to take on; when
you complete it I'd be more than happy to add your account to our Fedora
Account System group! It looks like you've already started working with
wonderer on it! :)


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