Anyone wish to take up a logo request for Cobbler? If anyone is, I can give you a hand in the drawing part while you could just digitally color it.
Link to the ticket:


We've recently been working on a web ui refresh for cobbler, and one of the things that was discussed was the lack of a favicon. Historically cobbler has just utilized its name as the logo:;a=blob_plain;f=web/content/logo-cobbler.png;hb=HEAD

It would be kind of kewl to have a logo to go with the refresh and to move forward with. As cobbler doesn't have a GUI other than the web interface the primary spots of the logo would be the favicon and inline on the web page. Currently the logo for the applications web interface is ~180x80px, but we aren't tied to any target size in particular.

The main thoughts on content would be something shoe related. We though just an unfinished shoe as one possibility, and another was a shoe on one of those stands with a hammer laying next to it. Not necessarily like this image, but it shows the stand I mean:

However, we aren't the artistic ones, so are open to suggestion.