Thanks all for your feedback!

Onyeibo - I respect the Nigerian people :).
Ryan - you're right eye turned out too dominant :( , but your version is a bit like the previous, wallpaper without objects, easy release number.
Sirko - I really like the best idea of the celebration of the 10th anniversary Fedora,
but the sleeve is too little space for even a group photo but it's a great idea for a poster ;).
Maria - ġou are right, too much blur.

Finally my new version [1] based on the theme of "Shoowa", number nineteen made ornament "Shoowa".

[1] -


P.S. Fedora Design Team alive!

2013/6/7 Alexander Smirnov <>
Hi all!

I prepared wiki page for F19 media artwork [1] upload.
Also uploaded all media artwork files on my fedorapeople space [2].
Sleeves design based on "Cat's eyes" submissions [3].
Half year in a box. I think cat alive:) Freedom cats!!!

[1] -
[2] -
[3] -