just to say something to this, no I did not send out the naming survey. One of the last things I did was share with Matt the docs in google as I prepare them in advance (yes Galileo was one of the options for F31) the F32 I did also share at this time, would have been easy to copy it to the own account and publish it.

@cproffit no you cant start one, you need 6 weeks at least for the process, when you open a process and publish it the community needs some days to recognize that, you will see part of the submission floats in early but a lot last moment. If you make it to short means lesser submissions and you also have to give more time for the voting, when you make it just 3 days a lot will write you a mail and complain (no kidding) so this must be at least a week or better 1.5 in time, and Luya even he is fast with packaging he needs some time to, so the whole process takes a few months to do!

@adamwill this is all fine but this requirements are written from developers without any thinking on the design and marketing teams. For what you need beta? You want to have your software tested? Whatfor as the wallpaper needs not to be tested, well looking back in the history we had several times we needed changes as we had issues with them, so we like to have the change to get it tested to. And marketing should speak up against this to, just look some youtube shows when they  test versions, the wallpaper gets always noted, you have to give them something to play with and create "news".

@mattdm no problem to move things "forward" but as it should be clear visible now, all this here depends on a few people, Mo and me not available for a time the system breaks, nobody has an eye on the schedule. All in all we struggle with all the work for a long time now, when it comes to the theming you see it when I dont do it nobody does but this is for all the reminder "he we have to work on this" I really would like to get rid of this using google drive provisional thing (which some reject anyway) so that somebody else could do if I cant (and also give the community a chance to contribute on this, there is a demand for) All in all just to move ahead in the creation will not solve the issue we have

br gnokii

Am Di., 10. März 2020 um 08:20 Uhr schrieb Adam Williamson <adamwill@fedoraproject.org>:
The way this really ought to work is that we should have Rawhide-specific wallpaper in Rawhide that *never changes*. That wallpaper should never be used in a stable release and should be very obviously pre-release wallpaper. The wallpaper for each stable release should be added after branching. That makes things simpler; you don't have to keep changing things in Rawhide for no good reason and then merging the changes down to the branch for the release you actually need to change.

The criteria were specifically written a few years back to enable this plan: they are written such that for Beta we only require that the wallpaper not be the same as any previous stable release. This means a Beta could include the 'pre-release' wallpaper and that would be OK. The version-specific wallpaper only needs to be done and landed by *Final*, not by Beta. This was generally agreed to be a Good Idea at the time, which is why we revised the criteria that way, but no-one followed through and adjusted the packaging to match the plan...
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