To summarize the point, here is the bug report were users felt a nausea

For that lesson we can improve the process of making future wallpapers as some users have visual health issues. 


On Wed., May 8, 2019, 4:02 a.m. S.Kemter, <> wrote:

Fedora 30 got just released as my birthday gift, so I got this year two
nice presents from my Fedora friends. But now we should start working on
Fedora 31 and that means finding a name for the theming.

As the releases before I prepared a formular with names of inventors and
discoverers, this time starting with G. You can find the form here:

You might notice, there is a change it requires the upload of a picture.
I think that we got so much bad critique for the F30 wallpaper is a bit
my fault as I fixed the minds of a lot of the team to an visual idea
which did not work out to much. So lets try it this time this way.

I will also this time open the voting for people who are not part of the
Design Team. We got constructive critics from some of the Fedora folks,
they care about the look of our distro and that is a good thing. I want
to give them a chance to help us from the begin on, lets see how it works.

I will not anounce this on other lists, its just a test how this process
works for us. If it works we can go further then.

br gnokii
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