Welcome here! I think mockups are awesome, it reminds me a bit of the wii/ps4 badges system. I think the personal interface and the badges explanation will look great, however, is there any friend-badges interaction planed?

Where would be planned to add this badges? as banner? at wiki? at FAS2? I guess the idea is that contributors can show their merits in a more friendly way, so it would be cool at least to have a simple auto-update banner that they can add at their blogs.

awesome start Jennifer! looking†forward†to check on this!

2013/5/31 Jennifer Kotler <jennlkotler@gmail.com>
Hi everyone,

Iím Jenn. (Jenneh on IRC) I am an RIT student studying medical Illustration, but I am more interested in making art for interactive media. I like vector artwork a lot! This past year I have been working at FOSS@RIT. http://foss.rit.edu/

This summer I am working with the team implementing Open Badges for Fedora. For now I am making badge designs and UI and layout of the website. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Open_Badges

This is my first pass at the layout for the Fedora Open Badges website. I came up with a few style and layout options.I tried to reference style from some current Fedora websites.

The mock ups can be found at: http://foss.rit.edu/files/fedoraBadgeSiteMockup.pdf

I left some comments in green.

Any feedback or critique on the layouts and different styles would be greatly appreciated! Does anyone have any preferences? (My current is #3) Do these designs follow Fedora design standards?

Thank you!


Jennifer Kotler
Portfolio: www.Jennk.com
(516) 849-8462

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