Eh.... Missed another meeting. :/

Hope y'all have fun in Tempe. I wish I could go.....


# Sixgun Productions  New media, new rules

2011/1/25 Máirín Duffy <>
Hey everybody!

Thanks for another great meeting today! Here's the minutes:

They are also posted to our wiki page here:

Here's the mo-summary:

FUDcon Tempe

* We took a roll call of who on the design team will be there. mizmo,
schendje, tatica, emichan, and ianweller will be there.

* We'll have two hackfest sessions - one for the Fedora 15 wallpaper,
and one for hacking on the image annotation app.

* Tatica will have a lot of her photo gear available, so we'll do a
hackergotchi clinic and try to take pictures of Fedora folks for our
website and potentially a photo comic to promote Fedora. Mizmo will
bring her little HD video cam so we could shoot videos if we want.

Image Annotation App


* We filed a ticket to have the Image annotation app hosted by Fedora
infrastructure. The ticket is here: Emichan and
ricky (who might be willing to be a sponsor for its hosting) talked
about what might have to be done with the app for it to be hosted, and
Emichan added an image annotation app hackfest to the FUDcon Tempe
schedule this weekend so it'll probably get worked out more there.

Suppemental Wallpapers for F15

* Open action item: Fab's blog post to advertise

* Open action item: Tatica agreed to advertise to various free
software-related Deviant Art groups. Mizmo sent her the list.

Anaconda UX Design

* Mizmo put together a user experience comic for the default web
download experience here
20design/anaconda/comic/anaconda-comic_1.png  (Inkscape source is in the
same dir)

* Mizmo put together a proposal to consider DVD media as the default,
(discussion on anaconda-devel... )


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