I host a NextCloud instance and am happy to offer it to the team to explore POC or whatever.  Ultimately if the Design Team needs infrastructure I'm not sure Fedora would want this to be the final solution?

If we wanted to think a little more about the workflow that gnokki does for the processing, and maybe have additional hands help process things, we could set up a more transparent workflow tool like a KanBan board or something.


Or we could explore the file upload and automatic tagging.

Feels like I'm solutioning without really knowing what the requirements/problems are though.


On 2019-03-10 9:26 a.m., Frau Silvia Sánchez wrote:

But Nextcloud needs someone to have this installed in his or her own server.  If someone is happy to do this, Nextcloud has some interesting features.  But then how can people join?  Adding permissions one by one? Sending a link by email? Other?
Is there any open source solution that is similar to Google Drive?