Kagesenshi, nice site. :) I have a small suggestion, Can you register a dedicated domain like [1] for the event? I don't think it'll be a waste. Because we can use it again for another FUDCon like this. I checked the availability of [1] with [2] and it shows [1] is available. As stated in this page [3] ,For a TLD, I think it'll cost around RM 120.00 . :)

All these are just suggestions, you can decide whether it should put in to action or not. :)
And btw the FUDCon logo with the tiger looks pretty nice to me. Great work guys.

- udinnet
currently we're going for a clean quick design for the page, its here:
http://fedora.my/events/fudconkl-testsite/ .. and i'm only thinking of
replacing that logo there :)

of course if theres anybody want to suggest improvements, feel free :)
..i'm ok with releasing improvements incrementally..

maybe get the system up and running by 20th, with maybe at most, up to
4 days delay ... event is rather near afterall, and after 20th, we're
down to less than 2 months mark :-)

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