2013/12/4 Pierre-Yves Chibon <pingou@pingoured.fr>
Hi all,

I have started to work a little more on nuancier.
With the changes that are in the current git, users may log in (via FAS), upload
their wallpaper with a corresponding name, license and author (in case the
author is not the submitter).
When they upload, I restrict the content using the filename (extension), the
mime type of the file and I check for a minimal width (1600px) and height

upload should be possible without FAS, we had because of that a discussion on F18. Its just that, we need a valid mail address


Admins can then moderate all the candidates and they must justify when they deny
a candidate.
Maybe we could trigger the badge at this stage, when the wallpaper gets

yes badge should only awarded when the submission is taken, we had this time a lot of submissions with low quality, think that came as they wanted a badge :(

The elections are now time-based (so no-one needs to stay awake until the middle
of the night to press the toggle button).


- What more is needed when uploading a picture?
- Other ideas in general?
- Could we come up with a list of extensions accepted? (I have jpeg, jpg, png,
  svg atm and I check them lower case, so JPEG will pass)
- Similarly could we come up with a list of MIME types for images that we would
  accept? (Atm I have only: 'image/jpeg', 'image/jpg', 'image/png')

Finally, I have the same restrictions for contributing (uploading a wallpaper)
and for voting. These are: having an account on FAS, have signed the CLA, being
in at least one more group than CLA.
I realize that this is already a change from the current procedure, but I find
it unfair that people that submit a wallpaper cannot vote for themselves. So I
would either stick with these restrictions or open the votes to people that are
in no other group than CLA.

now, we want to prevent that people just signing up for this vote. I could live with an extra group where submitters end up an can vote but open it totally to the public I think is not a good idea. We already made the process more open

br gnokii

Thoughts on all this?

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