Hello pandas!

So, as many of you know I have been trying to make something with bokeh, I don't know if this technique will be good for a wallpaper but I guess at least would work for a supplemental one. 

Here are some tests (the first ones and some that I did tonight)

first idea:

Fedora mockups: (is a single link but with several test at comments, so pls check them out... easier on a single link)

Now, here is the thing, I guess we could do something with a subject using the bubbles as background. what do I mean as subject? well check this pic:

I an do a lot of shapes for bokeh and add technically any color, but I guess will be nice to use the bokeh in a more meaningful way, probably a hand blowing those bubbles, a figure, a plant... you name it.

I haven't tried a bokeh with a white background since is easier to do it with a black background, but if anyone has more ideas, please... shoot!!!

Maria Gracia Leandro
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