here is a thought. Constantine is also a city, what about having an abstract of a city scape. here is a link to a photo of the city of Constantine
 or we could do the aerial view of a city, looking down on it so that it fulls the screen. then it could represent connectivity and sharing, networking, what linux and Fedora a good at.
It would be an easy concept to abstract.

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I don't have words..... only graphic ideas on my head :S .

I'll work on some stuff, now that I'm back in Venezuela ... btw,
awesome brainstorm.

2009/6/30 Luya Tshimbalanga <>:
> Lets not forget about bay leaves crow seem on most Roman emperors. Those
> bay leaves could be subtle in background. As for mosaic, I think the
> concept should not be too complex unless someone know to effectively
> render them as wallpaper.
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