Hi Laraibm62!

Happy to hear from you - you are most welcome :-)

We tend to have the most discussions and collaboration on our issue tracker at https://pagure.io/design/issues - take a look at the open issues and see if any are of interest to pick up!

We also have fortnightly video meetings - we had our most recent one yesterday. The details are sent to the list the day before.

Welcome again!


On May 27, 2021 11:54:24 AM EDT, Laraibm62 <Laraibm62@protonmail.com> wrote:
I'm looking to join the Fedora Design Team!
I'm aspiring to be a UX/UI Designer, but my experience mainly lies in traditional arts at the moment. However, I have an interest in Graphic Design and want to build my skills in this area by putting them to practice and contributing to the Fedora Design Team! 
So far I've only made a few wallpapers for myself using GIMP and Inkscape, and also managed to contribute a wallpaper design for the new Debian 11 release. I hope to improve myself with the help of this community, as well as positively contribute. 

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