No worries. Just keep providing many tutorials. There is a tutorials page I made for Fedora Design Suite.


You posts are very useful and essentials for all designers. I publish them on the wiki when i get the chance

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I have no idea on how much information or how in-depth you wish your tutorials to go. This attachment may go beyond the scope you wish to cover. My opinion is that the more information you can give people the better, but the more information you want to give the more difficult it becomes to put it into a coherent format, probably made a lot worse by the way I tend to ramble.

Mostly, this is the information that gets left out of formal educational programs. It's the stuff that the printer knows but the graphic designer has to try and pick it up as they go along, usually only learning by expensive mistakes.

One company I was Production Manager for had a large design house as a regular client and any time this design house put on a new designer that new designer would get sent to spend a couple of days with me to find out why I wanted their art done in particular ways.

None of these kids were dumb, in fact most were highly intelligent and creative, but they'd never been taught the practical side of their art as it applies in the real world. Certainly where the print industry is concerned which can be a very strange world indeed.

Yes, I used to get used for training the apprentices as well.

If you really want to keep it short and sweet the best advice I can give is "Talk to the printer". Not a sales rep, talk to a real printer. The best ones all have rather impressive egos, necessary or the dumb machines will beat you, and most of them will be only too pleased to be able to show how much they know. (yeh, me too)



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