2012/10/13 S.Kemter <buergermeister@karl-tux-stadt.de>

Alexander drives forward the banners, but there are other things on
our action list we have to deliver soon. Until 30th we should have the
sleeves ready and also the release party poster.
So its also time to work on that.
Create DVD/CD label and sleeve artwork - Tue 2012-10-30 (start) / Tue 2012-11-13 (end).
Polish/Finalize Release Party Posters - Tue 2012-11-13 (start) / Mon 2012-11-26 (end).

I trying since 3 day to create a design for the sleeves. Thats how it looks now.

I am not so happy with the group photo on the backside, the blue
shirts and the shape is not so nice. But there is no better one. From
FUDCon KL there is only one such group photo there but there is
directly in the front some handrails. So hopefully there comes a nice
one from Paris.
So I am open for critics now...

Disk image an association with opensuse for me.

br gnokii

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