here is a link to my flickr page. it has some astophotos of starfields they are free to use. I can design more star fields if anyone needs them

--- On Sun, 27/12/09, Mel Chua <> wrote:

From: Mel Chua <>
Subject: Re: [Design-team] [F13] Swirly Stars
To: "Fedora Design Team" <>
Received: Sunday, 27 December, 2009, 8:53 AM

On 12/26/2009 08:54 AM, Shreyank Gupta wrote:
> 2009/12/26 Marķa Leandro<>:
>> Hello
>> I like the concept a lot, but the spiral is too "debian" for me. Can we
>> change it to some other shape?
> Maybe into a constellation shaped as 'f' or infinity.

I took Mo's concept and Charlie's concept and mashed them together into
the "f" constellation Shreyank suggested, with a milky-way-like swirl
for the vertical part of the "f" and the rocket swoop as the horizontal
bar. (You could also use a shooting star, it was just faster to
copy-paste the rocket. Plus a shooting star would require art skills I
don't yet possess.)

Source at

I also put the image and svg source in the
gallery but I think I broke the table in doing so - it runs off the
right side of my screen now. (The F12 gallery does the same thing, so
I'm not sure how to fix this one.)

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