Np Greg.

I can work on a more detailed painting based on Abi work, but since therw was no direct communication with the rest of the team (remember that there are 3 people working on it) there was no way to understand what the Cobbler team wants and need.

Using this as example, team must always have a group communication and always aim to have public and open threads, so any other team member can also provide help, guidence and why not, cheer us up.

Grep, I'm taking the ticket so I would like to continue our discussion through here. I would love to know what you think, that you need and how can we make it work. My aim is not to only provide something that you as team feel proud to show, but also follow some basic guidelines that make artwork work for all kind of needs.

We all do mistakes, but the important is to accept and continue working trying to make a better world :)

Now Greg, would you be able to provide me (and folks) a short resume of the things you need (beside a logo). I'm sure we will end up doing more than one and why not... having some shoes with a cobbler stamp! :P

2011/7/28 Greg Swift <>
On Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 12:33, Abi R <> wrote:
> Come to think of it, you guys should prolly go with kemter's idea. Buddhika
> is too busy to color it and nobody else wishes to or if you do, go right
> ahead. I think I'm done with the task.

so i'd like to apologize.  I mistook the tone of the above e-mail and
initiated a sidelined conversation with Abi.  After the intial e-mail
I should have brought it back into the thread, but hitting reply is
just too easy/lazy.  that is my fault.

the summary (i can provide the thread if anyone feels it is needed) was this:

i said I liked where kemter went with  the logo as far as the favicon
goes.  it fits much more simply and is easier to scale.  I did go onto
irc and chat with shenson, and he is a fan of the vintage (which I
like, but was worried about scale on).  however that with with Abi's
explanations about his intent, we feel that it was a very nice concept
to try and go for a more complete "larger" logo with the vintage style
Abi was going aiming at for uses like the homepage and web app.  I
suggested that maybe if the boot from the larger logo was a separate
layer in the final result and that layer could be scaled down to
provide the favicon.

so... like i said.  my fault.  I do like the favicon target of what
kemter colored, but was trying to see if there was a more in between
compromise that utilized Abi's artistic intent.

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