Wow..... Just heard about this now. With all due respect, this is BULLSHIT. You are telling me you couldn't have told the team earlier? Maybe BEFORE we all started ramping up to do the F15 wallpaper? This decision must've been in the works for quite some time.

This is disappointing as hell. I had expected nonsense like that within the Ubuntu community, but not with Fedora. This would've been a chance to really set Fedora apart and create the best Gnome 3 experience everywhere in an open and transparent way. We've said so since the last GUADEC. That is what the Design Team is for. If we just dictate a wallpaper from up hight, that maybe transparent but it's not open. At least not in my understanding of it. And now this, out of nowhere. What exactly is the Design Team doing for F15 now? Why are we even there at all?

Sorry if this sounds pissed off, but that is basically the way I feel right now.

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On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 10:26 AM, Jaroslav Reznik <> wrote:
On Friday, December 17, 2010 08:10:44 am Nicu Buculei wrote:
> On 12/17/2010 01:54 AM, Owen Taylor wrote:
> > We want Fedora to be the showcase for GNOME 3 and to be a good example
> > to other distributions about how to package GNOME 3. So, to go along
> > with the release splash for Fedora 15, we'd like to make special request
> > that for this release we use the GNOME background in the Fedora GNOME
> > packages and hence in the default Fedora desktop.
> As I understood the opinions in the latest team IRC meeting, blog
> comments, mailing list discussions and direct contacts with community
> members, the general opinion is such a move would be detrimental to
> Fedora's own image and of little use for GNOME promotion.
> > I want to be clear that this is not in any way saying that we don't like
> > the Fedora backgrounds ... the recent Fedora backgrounds are great, and
> > keep on getting cleaner and more professional looking every release. The
> > issue is rather a question of trying to provide a single look for the
> > GNOME 3 release rather than a series of looks, one per distribution.
> Can you name at least one other *relevant* distro that will use the same
> background as default? Especially if they know this may be *our* default?
> >   * What about the rest of the artwork?
> >
> >     I think trying to adapt the entire set of artwork in Fedora to have
> >     different looks for different spins is probably more confusing then
> >     anything else. The GNOME default background matches pretty well with
> >     the Fedora look, so it's not going to be jarring to switch to it
> >     after seeing the standard Fedora artwork for boot.
> Case in point: the GDM background would be the same as the GNOME
> background or as the general-purpose background used by all the other
> spins? Which one of the spins will have an inconsistent experience? The
> same about the Plymouth colors. We are supposed to use *vertical
> stripes* or not in GRUB, Anaconda, firstboot etc.? How about website
> identity?

I'm not against even making theme based on Gnome/KDE stripes - it should work
for both Gnome 3 and other desktops and still retains our Identity. Gnome 3
would have stripes based theme but with Fedora feel there - win and profit for
both projects!

Last time I proposed it, it wasn't accepted but still I think this can work. It
could bring some "personality" to spins - to combine upstream themes with Fedora
ones. But it involves much more work.

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