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Marie Nordin

Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator

Red Hat Fedora Project


T: +1.973.800.4967

IRC: riecatnor

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Dear all,

You are kindly invited to the meeting:
   🎨 Design Team Sessions Live (🎥 Video Chat) on 2021-06-09 from 14:00:00 to 15:00:00 US/Eastern

The meeting will be about:
A regular fortnightly 🎥 video chat meetup for 👨‍🎨️ designers in Fedora and friends. Anyone participating can bring some design work they are working on for some critique / advice / etc. If nobody has anything to show off Mo will have some Fedora design ticket or thing she's working on that we can look at as a back up.

This is a laid-back / chill but also a super-respectful, calm, encouraging, and safe environment. All of the Fedora code of conduct rules apply.

Join at:

More information available at:

Source: https://calendar.fedoraproject.org//meeting/9895/

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