Dear Fedora design team,

since I want to participate in Outreachy (together with mentors we worked on this task, I looked through the project tasks ( I have several questions:

1. There is a task where Budget report templates should be made. I found only this document:

Could you provide me with links to the existing templates and assets?

2. “Infographics for participating teams within Fedora highlighting accomplishments”.

Are there any examples from from previous years? Is it possible to see the guidelines for making Fedora infographics?

3. “Handouts for contributor recruitment initiative”, “Various assets for Flock 2020”, “Fedora Zine”.

Where can I learn more about the work done during previous years? Should I look for the relevant projects here ?

4. What software should be used for creating typography? Is it also Inkscape and GIMP? Could you recommend some tutorials on the topic? Maybe also specific Fedora guidelines?