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2016-04-27 5:14 GMT+07:00 Paul W. Frields <stickster@gmail.com>:
On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 12:22:39PM -0700, Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
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> For the upgrade feature the designers [sensibly] want me to use the
> default background for the release we're upgrading to. When doing
> F23->F24 this makes the upgrade UI look like a big boring black
> square: http://imgur.com/dRY5iL6
> Additionally, when upgraded, the darkness makes the GNOME Shell top
> bar almost disappear visually which really doesn't work at all given
> the special status it has. Is there any way we can either:
> * Lighten up the background we have now so it's less black and soul-consuming
> * Choose another background we can use for all spins
> * Just use the existing awesome upstream GNOME artwork for the workstation

I think we can see about lightening up the background slightly, to
make the top bar more visible.

Is there someone on the team who can do some iterations for this?

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