First of all, I am still not convinced to get the pressure back to have an FAS account for an submission, we agreed for F19 that that would be not necessary but we had no way arround as you need one for the wiki. So there was only two who used the way to send me something and I submitted it to the wiki.

How would be that way, submitter can be do both without FAS and with, if he does with an account we could create a fas group for the submitters so they would be automatic end in in and had in this way the necessary group for vote. In that way we would ensure that everybody can submit and that the voting becomes a little bit more free.

for "home"

* can we show last election winners there? Looks better to me

for the rules:

* comfortaa is bad to read
* I fear that kind of presentation of them frightened the people, can we find another way for it?

for the submision:

* name != author, we have submitters who submit work of others so its an bad idea, to autofill the author field from the FAS, so for that case we need some more fields
* it's unclear that the name for the submission is meant with that
* tried to upload a file with the name "test" took endless long and failed, can we rename them with "name-by-author-size.*" that is what has do be done anyway
* the upload takes way to long, fear we have to do the test after the upload otherwise, somebody with a lot of submissions will break up after a few

as the question for the licenses already came up

Free Art

but here please no autofill! So when dropdown, with an empty field and that should not allowed, so that the submitter has to choose!


* for what purpose is the text field on the end?
* if I deny to take it will it generate a mail? Would be cool then to give the submitter why I had to disqualify it
* notices would be also cool, so have to make the decission not on one day and can communicate

should be all for now

br gnokii

2013/12/18 Pierre-Yves Chibon <pingou@pingoured.fr>
On Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 09:35:19AM +0100, Pierre-Yves Chibon wrote:
> > 5 - Could the filename be on the left of the browse button?  I think
> > web patterns for uploading are that the object is on the left and
> > the action on the right.  If no file is selected perhaps some simple
> > text to indicate that e.g. "Please select the file you wish to
> > upload." or something.
> I can look into switching the places sure.

Ok, after looking more closely into this, I cannot change it.
The html itself is just:
  <input id="candidate_file" name="candidate_file" type="file">
So it's all automatically converted by your browser to render it the way it is

So, sorry but for that one, it's a "no can't do" :)

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