Hi! My name is Angie, I'm in the US. Most of my experience has been in fine art and in the past few years I've slowly been learning digital art. I was able to ditch the photoshop habit and now use GIMP for the majority of what I do. I'm starting to get a grip on inkscape. I joined the  fedora art flickr community, and I'm housegirl_photos there. 

As far as applicable skills, in the past I've mostly done fliers and posters for people, and I enjoy that a lot. My GIMP is somewhat strong, and my inkscape is weak but improving. I've never met sodipodi before seeing it mentioned in the art team mentors list of expertise.

I have lots of ideas, many of them very bad. But enough are workable. Most of the time. I try and be gentle when I offer critique, but when receiving it I really prefer to the point honesty. I don't need warm fuzzy from someone who is trying to help make me better.

As for where to start now that I'm here, it's a huge environment and half the time I"m not even really sure I'm looking in the right places... I would not be offended if anyone points me at something I probably missed, or just flat out tells me what to do until I get my legs under me!

Thanks so much!