I actually not really want run python2 stuff, last time I did got into lot of trouble later on, so I want to avoid it.

I don't know what Luya does actually for that problem as we had Swatchbooker a few years back on the Design Suite.

Br gnokii

Samuel Sieb <samuel@sieb.net> schrieb am Sa., 7. Nov. 2020, 15:10:
On 11/6/20 11:40 PM, S.Kemter wrote:
> Is there a actually working way to convert ase to gpl? I have a palette
> here with rough 1300 colors, I would need as gpl.
> Swatchbooker doesnt work anymore as it isnt ported to Python 3, the GIMP
> plugin for converting doesnt work for the same reason anymore.
> Any idea, dont want to spent 2 weeks writing the palette by hand

I just tried Swatchbooker on F33 and it seems to work fine as long as
you run it with python2.  Make sure you don't have the 32-bit lcms2
library or you'll have to adjust the python file to avoid it.

I cloned it from github and ran:
python2 sbconvert.py -o gimp_gpl sample.ase

I do have a lot of python libraries already installed, so it's possible
that you'll need to install some.  But they are available.
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