Sounds cool! Sorry I couldn't be there...

BTW, I pimped the team a lot on This Week in Fedora 15 and also tried to recruit some people... :)

See you at the next meeting!


2010/10/20 Máirín Duffy <>
Hey everybody!

Thanks for another great meeting! Here's the minutes:


Minutes (text):


Mo Summary:

Fedora 14 Release Party Poster
- Emichan showed us her draft and already has posted an updated version
based on feedback given during the meeting:

- We also talked about reconfiguring the release party poster design to
fulfill ticket and
Emichan is going to work on it

Fedora 14 misc

- We have been kicking butt and taking numbers as a team this past
release. We have 3 ninjas doing awesome work, Alexander did great work
on the countdown banners, Alexander and Marc also did great work on the
disc/sleeve artwork, Emichan rocked the release poster, Martin put
together the animated backgrounds files in time for release, and Fab and
pretty much the whole team got our first supplemental wallpapers pack
together and it looks awesome. We also have three new members in the
past month, Bryan, Felipe, and dottedfish.

- We did have an issue with the size of the animated wallpapers causing
some issues so it won't be set as default. One idea we discussed was
maybe trying for a partially-transparent wallpaper for F15, and doing
the time of day via gradient switches underneath. However, the slideshow
XML format doesn't support this. Now might be a good time to put in for
an RFE? One thing tho is GNOME 3 is going to be default for F15, so I'm
not sure if slideshows will be supported then.


- Mizmo was really bad and failed at putting a formal meeting together,
will try again next week.

- Nicu put together a nice starter requirements document for the RPG

- We went through the document and came up with some ideas:
 - the RPG username should be pulled from the FAS IRC nick field. It's
user-editable in FAS - the example here was mizmo's FAS name is duffy,
but people know her better as mizmo, and the FAS name is not editable
but IRC nick is.
 - Pantless avatars are okay because the base characters will be
 - We're going to keep this simple to start and stick with 5-6 base
panda variations and build out from there.
 - We had some great outfit ideas such as a 3-piece suite monocle
panda, panda in a pretty dress, ninja panda, panda in overalls, panda
with a zony T-shirt, panda with wings accessory
 - Some examples for inspiration we looked at included Sims 3,,, the playstation network widgets
 - Subtle animation might be cool for the characters but nothing over
the top like this
 - we thought 120 x 120px like the hackergotchi would be a good size to
 - each object should be available for each object, having objects
apply only to certain avatars will complicated the system so we should
avoid it


- Dave reminded us that Libre Graphics Magazine didn't get Fedora
submissions for issue 1 but can take them for issue 2. One idea was for
Mizmo to interview Emichan, another was for Mizmo to write something
about teaching Girl Scouts Gimp & Inkscape!

- We worked with Felipe (WaspStung) and dottedfish and hooked them up
with tasks from the Design Team queue. WaspStung will be working on a
Lekhonee logo and dottedfish will be working on a Fedora podcast logo.


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