FYI. As Pingou shared in Wednesday's meeting, here's the timeline for Q3 planning:

Reminder, we're tracking our ideas on a Taiga board:

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From: Aoife Moloney <>
Date: Fri, May 29, 2020 at 6:48 AM
Subject: CPE Project Bi-Weekly Report - High Level
To: Brian Exelbierd <>, Ben Cotton <>, Karsten Wade <>, Matthew Miller <>, Marie Nordin <>, Rich Bowen <>, Leigh Griffin <>, Ant Carroll <>, Paul Frields <>, Sarah Finn <>, Pierre-Yves Chibon <>, Brian Stinson <>, Eliska Slobodova <>, Dominik Perpeet <>

Hi Everyone,

As part of improving our communication to stakeholders who represent community and business needs, I will be sending this high level project report to stakeholders who are invited to our quarterly planning in advance of the internal CPE teams upcoming project review sessions as a preview of what we are looking ar for Q3, and as an opportunity for you to reach out to me should you have a project you would like to prioritize, and why.

This is at a very high level, so I would encourage you to read the bullet points below, and then review our project kanban board available here, which has pdfs of the project briefs attached per card with more granular detail in advance of our quarterly planning meeting on June 18th

Please note that projects listed as scoped/scoping are not guaranteed to be worked on in Q3. However, they are projects that have been scoped in enough detail to make an informed decision on and thus will be considered.

CPE Review Team Meeting & Members
  • When: Thursday 4th June
  • Management: pfrields, lgriffin, acarroll
  • Product Owner: amoloney
  • Team Leads: pchibon, bstinson
  • Agile Practitioner: sfinn

CPE Team Q3 Quarterly Planning Session
  • When: Thursday 18th June, 1330 UTC
  • Who: People on this email

Current Projects in Flux in Q2:
  • AAA replacement - In Progress
  • CentOS Stream - In Progress
  • Colo Move - In Progress
  • Mbbox Upgrade - In Progress
  • DNF Backend Counting - Near Completion
  • CI Infra - Near Completion

Guaranteed Projects in Q3
  • CentOS Stream - Scoping
  • AAA Replacement  - Scoped
  • Colo Move - Scoped: IAD2 completion + Needs Scoping: RDU Network remap project

Potential Projects Scoped/Being Scoped for Consideration in Q3
  • Datanomer/Datagrepper - Scoped
  • FMN Replacement - Scoped
  • Fedora messaging schemas - Scoped
  • Image Builder Compose - Scoped with requestor, requires technical review from team
  • Docs CI/CD - Scoped with requestor, requires technical review from team

I hope you find this preview useful and please reach out to me should you have any questions/concerns/requests you would like to discuss before our team meets on June 4th.

Kindest regards & have a lovely weekend,


Aoife Moloney

Product Owner

Community Platform Engineering Team

Red Hat EMEA

Communications House

Cork Road


Ben Cotton
He / Him / His
Senior Program Manager, Fedora & CentOS Stream
Red Hat