I don't know if we need a voting system but how do we decide what makes it to the wiki?

One thing I would like to see is... Ok, wait... Make that two :)

1. Seamless arbitrary branches

I want to be able create an arbitrary branch so I can experiment and test without commiting to a "real" branch instead of having to resort to other local/remote git repositories or git stash/apply. The system should be smart enough to remember what I branched from so if I create a branch blah-test from master that if I issue a "fedpkg scratch-build" it should be smart enough to build for rawhide without me having to specify a buildroot.

"real" branches should be protected from deletion.

2. Easy side tags

I have used my personal machine (I'm sure we all do) when working on ABI breaking changes to make sure everything rebuilds, but then I only end up building for x86_64 before going "live". I know we don't have a lot of arch specific issues these days but it still makes me nervous. 

This could also tie into #1 so you can test changes in a side tag and them merge them back together in a real branch, do the builds, and if all goes well, push them as candidates and maybe automagically into a bodhi update.